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My Parents came to Canada from Holland in the mid fifties. Along with my four siblings, I was born here in Canada and raised on the family farm. Growing up on an Alberta farm has left me with a lot of great memories of a childhood with lots of work and many opportunities to explore and learn. After completing high school I spent two years at Olds Agriculture College which earning me a technician degree in Farm & Ranch Production. Subsequent schooling has included a diploma course for Computer Programming and a diploma course for Business Administration.

So far earning a living has resulted largely from my skills as a grader operator and my ability to do 3D layout for civil construction sites. I like to explore life, everything from, recreational activities, exotic new places, even daily schedules and chores. To know why something is the way it is, makes me just a little bit wiser.

As we move forward I find myself using computers to, communicate with, family and friends, business, to design and build things, and to manage my own business. As this new century takes hold I hope to focus my activities more towards the use of computers and other advanced tools like, lasers, and GPS.

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