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  • Stabilizer Ladder Anchoring System
  • This marine dock anchoring system is designed to work in rough turbulent water. The hinged stabilizer ladder is anchored to the bottom with weights. Together with the ramp the dock moves smoothly floating up and down with waves and water levels.

    The convenient ladder makes climbing out of the water easy. When you step onto the ladder it pulls the dock down to meet you. The main purpose though is to control sideways movement out at the end of the dock where it has a lever advantage over a ramp by itself. This ladder system also keeps the dock parallel to the water surface as the dock moves up and down. Weight on one side of the dock causes both sides to sink evenly.

    The dock anchoring system uses quick attach hinges to make assembly simple and painless. These hinges are designed to adjust with wear and maintain a tight coupling to reduce noise when the dock is in motion.

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